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The green maintenance at Tonbridge Bowling Club is done in house. The work is part of the functions of the Ground Staff as outlined on the Management Team page and consists of  four Green Keepers, namely  Les Rushbrooke, George Mantle,  Barry Sale, Terry Clark, all under the chairmanship of  Terry Clark.

Together the team produces two green maintenance programmes, one summer and one winter. Monthly meeting take place to discuss the current programme, the state of the green and any additional action that needs to be taken. This is mainly the effect of the weather, fungicide or moss treatment.
The Summer Programme
Each month the following maintenance takes place.
The green is mowed at a height of 4mm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
A wetting agent is applied once a month.
Liquid fertilizer is applied once a month.
The green is spiked and rolled 4 times a month and scarified on the 5th week.
Liquid fungicides and liquid sulphate of iron is applied as and when needed.

2023-2nd January- First mow of the year.

2023-Barry Sale at work. Replacing the water sprinklers

The main Team Colin, Bob, Les and Len- 2017 (George working?)
Colin Docksey, George Mantle and Bob King
George Mantle on the heavy work as usual.
Ladies welcome- Jean Ryan
Les Rushbrooke with Mark Two transporter.
Head Greenkeeper- Len Ryan- New kit.
Reinforce the ditches- Brian Perryman and Len
Bob King and Derk Crocombe-unloading the top soil
There is always time for tea and a bacon butty courtesy of Head Chef- John Lan!
Workparty in 2017
First Team- Peter Edwards, Len Ryan, Les Rushbrooke and Phil Jezard- 2008
Mark one from Les

2007- Level green edges and ditch work.

Men at Work

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